Skills are a battle mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are unlocked by reaching certain Class Ranks in certain Classes, and can be leveled up by spending Battle Points. During battles several buff and debuff effects occur depending on the selected Skills.

Some classes have different amounts of skill slots available to assign a skill. Drifter has 5 skill slots. Generally, level 2 classes have 2 skill slots, level 3 classes have 3 skill slots, and level 4 classes have 4 skill slots. The exceptions to this rule are Striker, Samurai Gunner, and Duelist, which all have 1 less skill slot than standard for their level. Different skills are obtained by increasing a character's class rank, with the exception of the Drifter which has no skills of its own. Although skills are obtained in a certain class, they can be assigned regardless of the class the character is in.

List of Skills

Name Class Class Rank Effect
Steel Flesh Striker 2 Boosts maximum HP.
Unwavering Courage Striker 3 Boosts melee accuracy.
Flame Trigger Striker 5 Boosts blaze damage.
Mighty Muscle Striker 7 Boosts melee attack.
Combat Presence Striker 9 Extends taunt effects.
Dismantler Striker 10 Gain chance of dealing more damage to appendages with melee arts.
CQC Master Samurai Gunner 2 Boosts critical chance when triggering a melee combo.
Auto Melee Boost Samurai Gunner 3 Boosts melee auto-attack damage.
Iron Knuckle Samurai Gunner 4 Boosts physical damage.
Healing Aura Samurai Gunner 5 Recovers HP when using an aura.
Weapon Guard Samurai Gunner 6 Boosts physical resistance when wielding melee weapons.
Blazing Auto Samurai Gunner 7 Grants chance of inflicting blaze when melee auto-attacking.
Theroid Slayer Samurai Gunner 9 Boosts damage to theroid enemies.
Yamato Spirit Samurai Gunner 10 Boosts TP when using melee arts, doubles effect if using aura.
Conflagrant Edge Duelist 2 Boosts thermal damage.
Aggro Boost Duelist 3 Boosts damage to taunted enemies.
Fortified Flesh Duelist 5 Boosts maximum HP.
Grand Procession Duelist 7 Boosts entire party's TP when activating Overdrive.
Thermal Shield Shield Trooper 2 Increases thermal resistance while wielding a melee weapon.
Topple Topper Shield Trooper 3 Reduces enemy topple resistance.
Shield Screen Shield Trooper 4 Reduces damage taken while wielding a Shield.
Rising Renewal Shield Trooper 5 Increases HP recovery when revived.
Long Topple Shield Trooper 6 Increases duration of Topple.
Trauma Tension Shield Trooper 8 15% chance to gain TP when taking damage.
Dirty Fighter Shield Trooper 9 Increases Melee Art damage to toppled enemies.
Stand Strong Shield Trooper 10 Increases Stagger, Topple, Knockback, and Launch resistance while wielding a Shield.
Machine Gunner Bastion Warrior 2 Increases ranged damage while in battle against two or more enemies.
Heatseeker Bastion Warrior 5 Increases critical rate when attacking enemies inflicted with Blaze.
Double Spike Bastion Warrior 9 Increases spike damage.
Double Reflect Bastion Warrior 10 Increases reflect damage.
Agile Gunslinger Commando 2 Boosts evasion when weilding a ranged weapon.
Steady Hand Commando 3 Boosts ranged accuracy.
Boosted Bullets Commando 4 Boosts ranged attack.
Background Noise Commando 5 Boosts damage when using Melee Arts from behind.
Combo Gunner Commando 7 Boosts damage when triggering ranged combos.
Third Eye Commando 8 Boosts TP when using a Ranged Art; double that if you have an aura active.
Master Edge Commando 9 Boosts critical chance when wielding a melee weapon.
Aura Burst Commando 10 Extends aura effects.
Deep Fang Winged Viper 2 Reduces enemy debuff resistance when attacking from the side.
Mortal Enemy Winged Viper 3 Boosts damage to humanoid enemies.
Trigger Happy Winged Viper 5 Reduces an Art's cooldown when triggering a ranged combo.
Lifeline Winged Viper 7 Recovers your HP when HP is at 50% or less and you use an aura.
Mindscape Winged Viper 9 Boosts maximum TP.
Hellhound Winged Viper 10 Extends Overdrive duration.
Night Vision Full Metal Jaguar 2 Boosts damage during the nighttime.
Zero Lapse Full Metal Jaguar 3 Reduces cooldown for melee auto attacks by 30%.
Red Zone Full Metal Jaguar 5 Boosts critical chance during Overdrive.
Crisis Catalyst Full Metal Jaguar 7 Boosts critical chance when HP is 50% or less. Effect doubles when HP is 25% or less.
Blood Carnival Full Metal Jaguar 9 Grants a chance of converting damage dealt to HP when melee auto-attacking.
Phantom Counter Full Metal Jaguar 10 Boosts Overdrive count when activating Overdrive
Killshot Partisan Eagle 2 Increases critical hit rate for ranged auto attacks.
Electric Guard Partisan Eagle 3 Increases electrical resistance while wielding a melee weapon.
Electric Boost Partisan Eagle 5 Increases electrical damage.
Knock 'n' Shock Partisan Eagle 7 Melee Arts have a chance to inflict Shock I.
Fleet Feet Partisan Eagle 9 Increases evasion while wielding a melee weapon.
Piscinoid Slayer Partisan Eagle 10 Increases damage against Piscinoids.
Long Shot Astral Crusader 2 Increases ranged attack range.
Unstoppable Astral Crusader 3 Grants resistance to Topple, Stagger, Knockback, and Launch while dashing.
Quick Reload Astral Crusader 5 Reduces ranged auto attack cooldown time.
Conductive Strike Astral Crusader 7 More damaage is dealt to enemies that have the Shock debuff.
Electric Flesh Astral Crusader 9 Has a chance to inflict electrical spike damage when hit.
TP Overdrive Astral Crusader 10 Gain TP when using Arts during Overdrive.
Inner Search Enforcer 2 Increases potential.
Beam Boost Enforcer 4 Increases beam damage.
Beam Guard Enforcer 6 Increases beam resistance while wielding a ranged weapon.
Buff Heal Enforcer 8 Restores HP when receiving a buff.
Healing Touch Enforcer 9 Allies have more health restored when revived.
High Tension Enforcer 10 Increases max TP.
Beauty Sleep Psycorruptor 2 Extends Sleep duration.
Brain Wall Psycorruptor 3 Grants resistance to Sleep, Control and Slow Arts while an aura is in effect.
Gentle Approach Psycorruptor 4 Auto attacks have a chance to not break Sleep.
King's Decree Psycorruptor 5 Reduces enemy Control resistance and raises debuff tier.
Extra Armor Psycorruptor 6 Increases damage absorption of Barrier.
Feather Touch Psycorruptor 8 Arts have a chance to not break Sleep.
Unpleasant Dream Psycorruptor 9 Increases damage dealt to sleeping enemies.
Core Crusher Psycorruptor 10 Negates appendage damage from your Ether attacks, but boosts primary damage.
Ether Guard Mastermind 1 Increases ether resistance while wielding a ranged weapon.
Gravity Boost Mastermind 3 Increases gravity damage.
Well-Weathered Mastermind 4 Boosts TP when taking weather damage.
Appendage Erosion Mastermind 5 Increases damage to appendages for every debuff on the enemy.
Resistant Flesh Mastermind 6 Increases resistance to debuffs.
Tactical Analyst Mastermind 7 Reduces enemy debuff resistance.
King's Boon Mastermind 9 Enemies inflicted with Control have all stat buffs.
Secondary Accelerator Mastermind 10 Reduces secondary cooldown.
Ether Boost Blast Fencer 1 Increases ether damage.
Mechanoid Slayer Blast Fencer 3 Increases damage dealt to mechanoids.
Knight's Soul Blast Fencer 5 Increases max TP.
Aura Assault Blast Fencer 7 Increases damage dealt while an aura is active.
Buff Extender Blast Fencer 9 Increases duration of buffs.
Supreme Sword Blast Fencer 10 Increases damage dealt during melee combos.
Gravity Guard Galactic Knight 2 Increases gravity resistance while wielding a ranged weapon.
Fast Forward Galactic Knight 5 Reduces cooldown during melee combos.
Stellar Entry Galactic Knight 9 Gain GP when boarding a Skell during Overdrive.
Synchrony Galactic Knight 10 Increases Skell Melee & Ranged Attack, Melee & Ranged Accuracy, Evasion, and Potential.

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