Sky Rods are weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are staffs usable by Melia. They can be acquired by purchasing them at Colony 6 Shop 5 as well at Zokhed Pass Shop in Valak Mountain for 18,240 G.




1 Slot

NPC Area Affinity
Nelo Alcamoth 5

Enemy drops

Note: Enemies marked as QE are Quest-Exclusive and do not respawn.

2 Slots

Enemy Area Rate
Banquet Vassago (QE)Valak Mountain5.2 %
Cunning Chilkin (QE)Valak Mountain5.2 %
Fuchsia ChilkinValak Mountain5.2 %
Moonlight PaimonValak Mountain5.2 %
Porcu HoxValak Mountain5.2 %
Reef NebulaValak Mountain5.2 %
Ucan NebulaValak Mountain5.2 %
Vague BarbasValak Mountain5.2 %
Daughter Empress (QE)Bionis' Leg5 %
Atomizek AnselValak Mountain4.4 %
Atomis AnselValak Mountain4.4 %
Hidden GamiginValak Mountain4.4 %
Costa AriesValak Mountain3.7 %
Hista AriesValak Mountain3.7 %
Sparas PagulValak Mountain3.7 %
Chordy SkeeterColony 91.7 %
Vicious Rhana (QE)Colony 91.2 %

1 Slot

Enemy Area Rate
Emeraude NebulaPrison Island2.9 %
Saldox NebulaPrison Island2.9 %