Slick Kromar Stone
Rare Material
A stone that has been treated so much it could easily break apart.
Vital statistics
Type Material (rare)
Source Flutes Kromar, Maleza Kromar
Trade (Yura)
Sell Price 2592G

Slick Kromar Stone are rare materials in Xenoblade Chronicles. They can be dropped by some Kromars in the Eryth Sea.

Needed for



NPC Area Affinity
Yura Alcamoth 2
Miriall Eryth Sea Overtrade

Enemy drops

Enemy Area Rate
Defensive Kromar (SE)Eryth Sea100 %
Peeling KircheisEryth Sea69.0 %
Flutes KromarEryth Sea26.3 %
Maleza KromarEryth Sea26.3 %
Otol KromarEryth Sea26.3 %
Tussock KromarEryth Sea26.3 %

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