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For the material in Xenoblade Chronicles, see Slimy Tongue.

Slimy Tongues are common materials in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They can be obtained from Grexes and Caro. They are one of the components of Resist Thermal Res Down and Resist.THERM-DOWN augments. Ten are required for the related mission Indigen Investigation.


Enemy Level Area
Young Grex 1-10 Primordia
Bush Grex 11-20 Primordia
Giant Grex 21-30 Primordia
Lawless Grex 31-40 Primordia
Dieter, the Epicure 39 Primordia
Tainted Caro 21-30 Noctilum
Soldier Grex 11-20 Oblivia
Hunter Grex 21-30 Oblivia
Scourer Grex 31-40 Oblivia
Celedonio, the Battle-Tested 18 Oblivia
Lava Caro 31-40 Cauldros
Servant Caro 41-50 Sylvalum
Deadland Caro 51-60 Cauldros
Kringe, the Hunting Arrow 40 Cauldros
Sand Caro 31-40 Sylvalum
Prisoner Caro 41-50 Sylvalum
Spaniel, the Obedient 40 Cauldros
Legion Caro 31-40 Cauldros
Arch Caro 41-50 Cauldros
Lost Caro 51-70 Cauldros
Andrei, the Cunning 40 Sylvalum
Little Caro 31-40 Sylvalum
Storm Caro 41-50 Sylvalum

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