Snow Cream is light arms armour in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is made from fire-snow, which releases heat with it comes into contact with snow. It is part of the Snow set of armour along with the Snow Glasses, Snow Oil, Snow Trunks and Snow Sandals.


For other armour pieces with the same appearance, see Armour Recognition.
Shulk Reyn Fiora Dunban
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Sharla Riki Melia
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Zero slots

NPC Area Affinity
Dakuku Valak Mountain ☆3

Enemy drops

One slot

Enemy Area Rate
Bonterra PodValak Mountain7.5 %
Conflagrant Raxeal (SE)Valak Mountain7.5 %
North Star GusionValak Mountain7.5 %
Sesna LexosValak Mountain7.5 %
Sestago LexosValak Mountain7.5 %
Teterra PodValak Mountain7.5 %
Porcu HoxValak Mountain7.2 %
Banquet VassagoValak Mountain5.7 %
Cunning Chilkin (QE)Valak Mountain %
Fuchsia ChilkinValak Mountain5.7 %
Lophos MoramoraValak Mountain4.2 %
Monta MoramoraValak Mountain4.2 %