Sphinxes (Japanese: リュオス, Ryuosu) are quadrupedal fire-breathing lion-like creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X.


"These beasts' abdominal cavities function like a pressurized tank, storing gas which can be expelled as flame through the chimney-like spines covering their mouth and backs. The bony shoulder and tail protrusions are used to perforate victims before they are thoroughly broiled for consumption.

Males tend to be loners, joining up with female herds only during breeding season--though this is a privilege afforded to only the strongest of speciments. When males clash for mating rights, the winner is determined by a spectacular flame-blowing contest."

Types of Sphinxes

Mission Exclusive Enemies



  • The Sphinx is a lion-bodied monster from Egyptian, Greek, and Persian mythologies.
  • The Japanese name comes from the Latin leo, meaning lion.

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