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Spit Cluster
Its bullets can follow an irregular course and its aim is always true.
Type Sharla's Ether Rifle
Attack 170-275
Physical Def 0
Ether Def 0
Critical Rate 5%
Block Rate 0%
Empty Slots Unique
Sell Price 850 G
Ether Up III 25

Spit Clusters are weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are ether rifles wielded by Sharla.

Dropped by

Note: Enemies marked as QE and SE are Quest-Exclusive and Story-Exclusive respectively and do not respawn. For enemies with a 0% drop rate, this item can only be obtained using Riki's Yoink! ability.

Enemy Area Rate
M32 Scout UnitBionis' Leg12.1 %
M42 Scout Unit (Leg)Bionis' Leg12.1 %
Mechon M32Bionis' Leg12.1 %
Colony LizardEther Mine9.5 %
Dark KislingEther Mine9.5 %
Drunk VangEther Mine9.5 %
Elegant MarinEther Mine9.5 %
Junk KrabbleEther Mine9.5 %
M32 Transport UnitEther Mine9.5 %
M42 Scout Unit (Mine)Ether Mine9.5 %
Materia KrabbleEther Mine9.5 %
Mechon M32X (normal)Ether Mine9.5 %
Rock KrabbleEther Mine9.5 %
Clima FlierColony 67.4 %
Colony FlierColony 67.4 %
Colony WispColony 67.4 %
Graceful HolandColony 67.4 %
Grom NebulaColony 67.4 %
Sky RhogulColony 67.4 %
Colony UpaEther Mine6.7 %
Mechon M64X (Mine)Ether Mine6.7 %
Mechon M67 (normal)Ether Mine6.7 %
Mechon M82 (Mine)Ether Mine6.7 %
Mechon M84 (SE)Ether Mine6.7 %
Vengeful DaultonEther Mine6.7 %
Red AntolColony 65.2 %
Water UpaColony 65.2 %
Yellow AntolColony 65.2 %
Aqua Nebula (Leg)Bionis' Leg5.0 %
Archer TirkinBionis' Leg5.0 %
Black FlamiiBionis' Leg5.0 %
Brave TirkinBionis' Leg5.0 %
Daughter ArmuBionis' Leg5.0 %
Easy HoxBionis' Leg5.0 %
Guard TirkinBionis' Leg5.0 %
Gust VangBionis' Leg5.0 %
Javelin TirkinBionis' Leg5.0 %
Lancer TirkinBionis' Leg5.0 %
Leader VolffBionis' Leg5.0 %
Leg AntolBionis' Leg5.0 %
Leg ArdunBionis' Leg5.0 %
Leg ArmuBionis' Leg5.0 %
Leg VolffBionis' Leg5.0 %
Napping VolfenBionis' Leg5.0 %
Oasis FlamiiBionis' Leg5.0 %
Ranger TirkinBionis' Leg5.0 %
Sniper ParameciaBionis' Leg5.0 %
Sniper TirkinBionis' Leg5.0 %
Spear TirkinBionis' Leg5.0 %
Trainer HarmelonBionis' Leg5.0 %
Trainer TirkinBionis' Leg5.0 %
Ugly VolffBionis' Leg5.0 %
Vagrant AlfeadBionis' Leg5.0 %
Violent AndanteBionis' Leg5.0 %
Leg PiranhaxBionis' Leg3.0 %
Mechon M53Bionis' Leg3.0 %
Mechon M53X (Leg)Bionis' Leg3.0 %
Mechon M64Bionis' Leg3.0 %
Mellow SardiBionis' Leg3.0 %
Basin AntolBionis' Leg2.9 %
Big BrogBionis' Leg2.9 %
Daksha PodBionis' Leg2.9 %
Field PonioBionis' Leg2.9 %
Leg ArachnoBionis' Leg2.9 %
Leg LizardBionis' Leg2.9 %
Leg SkeeterBionis' Leg2.9 %
Niece PonioBionis' Leg2.9 %
Prairie AntolBionis' Leg2.9 %
Ravine AntolBionis' Leg2.9 %
White EduardoBionis' Leg2.9 %
Abnormal Brog (QE)Bionis' Leg0.0 %
Arrogant Tirkin (QE)Bionis' Leg0.0 %
Assault Flamii (QE)Bionis' Leg0.0 %
Berserk Ardun (normal)Bionis' Leg0.0 %
Black Smoke Hox (QE)Bionis' Leg0.0 %
Ferocious Volff (QE)Bionis' Leg0.0 %
Fierce Vang (QE)Bionis' Leg0.0 %
White Smoke Hox (QE)Bionis' Leg0.0 %

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