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For those who have not completed Xenoblade Chronicles, this page or section may contain spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Story Quests are quests that are encountered naturally as a part of the progression of the plot. They operate in all the same ways as any other quest, except that the story will not progress until they are completed. There are 31 Story Quests.

Seq. Chapter Quest Location
1 Chapter 1 Delivering Food Colony 9
2 Chapter 6 The Ancient Ceremony Satorl Marsh
3 Chapter 6 Ancient Ceremony Offerings Satorl Marsh
4 Chapter 7 Mystery Girl Rescue Makna Forest
5 Chapter 7 An Errand for the Heropon Frontier Village
6 Chapter 8 Save the Worker Eryth Sea ※1
7 Chapter 9 Path to Prison Island Eryth Sea
8 Chapter 9 Sister Seals Eryth Sea
9 Chapter 10 The Magma Rock Valak Mountain
10 Chapter 11 Lift Battle Galahad Fortress
11 Chapter 11 Supply Station Battle Galahad Fortress
12 Chapter 11 Turbine Battle Galahad Fortress
13 Chapter 11 Fiora's Conviction Galahad Fortress
14 Chapter 12 Reunion with Fiora Fallen Arm
15 Chapter 12 We Made It Fallen Arm
16 Chapter 13 Fiora's Treatment Fallen Arm
17 Chapter 13 Aiming for the Top Mechonis Field
18 Chapter 13 Get the 3rd Lift Moving Mechonis Field
19 Chapter 13 Opening the Bulkhead Mechonis Field
20 Chapter 13 The High-Velocity Lift Mechonis Field
21 Chapter 13 Need Power! Mechonis Field
22 Chapter 14 To the Central Tower Central Factory
23 Chapter 14 Maintenance Wing Escape Central Factory
24 Chapter 14 Find a Path to the Top Central Factory
25 Chapter 14 Materials for a Bomb Central Factory
26 Chapter 14 The Central Tower Barrier Central Factory
27 Chapter 14 Shrine Transport Agniratha
28 Chapter 14 Pillar Verification Devices Agniratha
29 Chapter 15 Save Bionis Agniratha ※2
30 Chapter 17 Chase Dickson Prison Island
31 Chapter 17 Path to the Top Prison Island

※1 Although Save the Worker is triggered in Alcamoth, the Quest Log lists it among the Eryth Sea Quests.
※2 Although Save Bionis is triggered in Mechonis Core, the Quest Log lists it among the Agniratha Quests.

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