After this quest is completed, Tati may offer Musical Genius. Also afterwards, Pipiki may offer Honouring the Nopon Sage.

Strange Noises from Below is a quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It can be received from Pipiki in the Central Plaza, west border of the Sacred Altar's pool, in Frontier Village. If Reyn is in the active party, he will comment.



"It wasn't a ghost singing. It was lullaby. Pipiki sleep well now."


Upon the completion of this quest, the Affinity Chart will change:

PipikiAffinity-bar Affinity bar yellow Affinity-barTati
Pipiki Weird Songs Tati

Unique Comments

Reyn: "What, a ghost? Here in the village?"
Pipiki: "Friend very big Hom Hom. Surely friend not afraid of ghosts!"
Reyn: "C-course I'm not scared! I'll thrash that ghost so bad it'll be wishing it was dead!"
Pipiki: "Really? Friend real nice guy!"