Suids (Japanese: ズース, Zūsu) are large, pig-like enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Since their arrival on the planet, the Prone have domesticated some suids as warbeasts, adorning them with battle armor. These domestic suids can often be seen at Prone camps, such as Seaswept Base in Primordia.


"Roamers of Miran grasslands, the males of this omnivorous species are ill-tempered and quick to charge at anything that draws near. Sows are comparatively docile, though they often become equally volatile when rearing young."

"Male suids compete for their mates by means of a headbutting contest that makes use of their cranial bumps. A crushed bump signals defeat and requires a full year to regenerate--just in time for the next breeding season. Female bumps, on the other hand, exist to store nutrients, and one can see a gradual decrease in bump size over the course of infant rearing."

Types of Suids

Minor Enemies

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The name comes from the taxonomic family Suidae and the Latin word Sus meaning pig.