This page lists all the quests available in Sword Valley.

Note that these are all timed surprise quests, and will become unavailable after reaching the end of Mechonis Field.

Terms and abbreviations are explained in the legend at the bottom of the page.

Quest Name Giver Type Rewards
Secure Dolgan Outpost Dolgan Outpost Surprise Battle
5,000 EXP
28,000 G
Orion Cap (0 slots)
Secure Enalda Control Base Enalda Control Base Surprise Battle
8,000 EXP
32,000 G
Orion Gloves (0 slots)
3rd Gate Front Line 3rd Gate Surprise Battle
15,000 EXP
40,000 G
Orion Shoes (0 slots)
Secure the Radio Tower Radio Tower Surprise Battle
22,000 EXP
45,000 G
Topple Resist IV
Daze Resist IV


Area Affinity required
Timedquest Timed Quest, expires after a certain story event or completion of a mutually exclusive quest.
REQ Prerequisite quest
EXCL Mutually Exclusive Quest
EXP Experience Points
Collect Quest requires collecting materials, collectables, or key items.
Fighting is not required except to obtain materials which the party does not already have.
Battle Quest requires defeating an enemy.
Errand Quest requires talking to NPCs or examining locations.
Surprise Quest is received automatically when the requirements are met.
Lv. Maximum level of the enemies that must be fought for Battle quests
OR typical level of the enemies which drop the items for Collect quests.
A: / B: Reward for completing the quest's A or B route.
Reward item is not available from any other source.