Sylooth are Humanoid enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are bipedal giants that seem both vegetal and fungal.


"Giant, two-legged beasts that thrive in woodland areas. Though relatively intelligent, they are not capable of speech. They live on photosynthetic energy derived from certain symbiotic trees, but can also absorb ether while respiring. Young or injured Sylooth may also consume fruits and leaves for supplemental strength.

Sylooth often band together in small groups for mutual protection, warding off stronger foes with sheer numbers. They have also been observed protecting the birds and insects that take up residence in the trees on their backs."

Types of Sylooth

Normal Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemies


Related Achievements

Defeating Sylooth can contribute to these achievements:

  • Sylooth Subduer
  • Sylooth Smasher
  • Sylooth Annihilator