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Syrath Lighthouse Shop
Syrath Lighthouse Shopkeeper
Syrath Lighthouse Shop
Type Shop
Located Eryth Sea
Music Eryth Sea, Eryth Sea (Night)

The Syrath Lighthouse Shop is a shop in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is located at the top of Syrath Lighthouse in Eryth Sea. A male High Entia mans the shop, which has a good selection of Unique weapons.



Item Slots Price
Love Biter Unique 15,300 G
Quitter Unique 17,700 G
Soltnar Staff Unique 21,600 G
King Frog Unique 24,300 G
Thunderclap Unique 26,600 G
Horizon Unique 27,300 G
Dynastrar Unique 38,400 G

Head armour

Item Slots Price
Mithril Gear No 8,800 G
Abyss Earrings Unique 13,500 G

Torso armour

Item Slots Price
Royal Top Yes 15,600 G
Mithril Armour No 17,500 G

Arm armour

Item Slots Price
Mithril Gauntlets No 7,000 G
Grady Arms No 11,200 G

Leg armour

Item Slots Price
Royal Bottoms Yes 12,600 G
Mithril Leggings No 14,000 G

Foot armour

Item Slots Price
Mithril Boots No 9,700 G
Grady Greaves No 16,000 G

Arts Manuals

Item Price
Gale Slash 5,400 G
Electric Gutbuster 5,700 G
Peerless 6,400 G
Worldly Slash 7,200 G
Battle Eye 8,200 G
Steel Strike 9,000 G
Spirit Breath 10,000 G
Blinding Blossom 10,400 G
Serene Heart 11,500 G
Tempest Kick 11,800 G
Heal Counter 12,900 G

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