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Tainted are a special group of creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. There are three types of tainted enemies, all found in Noctilum, primarily in Dead Man's Gulch. In the Enemy Index, these enemies are not considered to be in the same category as other variants of their families.


"The tainted are abnormal variants of common creatures found only in certain parts of Noctilum. They attack and devour anything they encounter, save for other tainted creatures."

"Specimens include varieties of sphinx, caro, and scintimure that have been infected by a virus that induces madness. As this virus is unable to survive outside of Noctilum, the rest of Mira remains safely unaffected."

Types of Tainted Enemies

Normal Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemy

Story Exclusive Enemy



During the sixth chapter, the Ganglion are seen fighting a hoard of Tainted in Dead Man's Gulch but they are overwhelmed and forced to retreat. BLADE receives reports of an alien mech the Ganglion tried to retrieve several times, prompting Cross, Elma, Lin and Lao to investigate. Although the Tainted attack all other lifeforms, the party is able to safely traverse the area without incident due to being mimeosomes. They are successful in retrieving the mech, but when Tatsu arrives with some food he attracts a pack of Caro, who then attack the party. Although the party defeats the first few groups, they are eventually overwhelmed, before a giant flying creature manages to drive off the entire pack before inexplicably flying off.