Tectinsulas (Japanese: タペンタ, Tapenta) are tortoise-like insectoids in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They often are camouflaged as rocks. They can be found in Noctilum and Oblivia.


"Burrowing creatures that expose only their camouflaged white shells while awaiting prey. Their young often throw themselves against trees to knock down seeds, a practice that encourages vegetation to take root on their backs."

"Breeding season sees the male take on a bright red hue in order to attract mates, even though this makes them more noticeable to predators. To counter this, males eat a toxic strain of forest mushroom to which they bear a natural immunity. Predators soon learn to associate the bright red coloration with poison, and will often search for a more palatable meal elsewhere."

Color Variants

Tectinsulas fall into two color variants:

  • Jungle tectinsulas are green and their backs are covered in ferns. They can drop Orange Tequila. They appear in Noctilum.
  • Desert tectinsulas are brown and their backs are covered in hardy grass. They can drop Topaz Wine. They appear in Oblivia.

Types of Tectinsulas

Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemies



"Tectinsula" is derived from the Latin tectus, meaning concealed or hidden.


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