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The Telethia (Japanese: テレシア, Tereshia) is a hostile creature in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Three manifestations of the Telethia are known, all of which are found in Noctilum. Unlike the Telethia in Xenoblade Chronicles, this Telethia has no central plot significance.

A specific track, "raTEoREkiSImeAra", is associated with the Telethia, and plays during cutscenes and battles with Telethia.

As revealed in one of the possible paths of A Fateful Choice, the Orphean once encountered Telethia at a vast ocean in another world, in poorly-understood prehistoric memories only recalled through the Ovah of Orphean female betaforms. Four betaforms led by Run'tonam were drawn directly to Noctilum's Divine Roost to bask in the presence of Telethia, the Endbringer. They are killed and eaten, but the Ovah recovered from Run'tonam's right arm recovered from the beast helps her parent On'tonam understand what she had learned, cementing an ancient association with the Telethia along with an awareness of a past and possible future life with a very different relationship to the Ovah than the Orphean currently have.


"Said to be Mira's guardian and culler of unclean lifeforms, the Telethia is also known as the 'Ruler of Fates.' It is rumored to have mind-reading abilities that make it virtually invincible—a theory strengthened by the fact that it has never been defeated in combat. As if that weren't enough, the creature's vast wings also have the ability to amplify and manipulate ether in the surrounding atmosphere."


Mission Exclusive Enemy




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