Terebras (Japanese: ルトル, Rutoru) are otter-like creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They have long bodies with four short legs and a thick tapered tail, giving them a streamlined shape well-suited for swimming. Unlike otters, they have extremely large forward-facing ears. They are much larger than real otters, though still small compared to most Miran indigens.

Terebras come in two color variants: one has light grey fur, white stripes, and golden ears and tail, while the other has darker purplish-grey fur, red spots, reddish purple ears, and grey tail. Both variants can be found in Primordia and Noctilum.


"Terebras are technically omnivorous, though their main diet consists of aquatic organisms snagged from rivers, such as fish and shellfish. Their ear-shaped bony ruffs can be positioned into a drill-like shape, an ability they use to fight enemies and build dwellings."

"Once excavated, a terebra den will extend deep underground and house the entire pack of a dozen or so terebras. The entrance is constantly guarded by several pack members that stand erect on their hind legs."

"Terebra fur has commercial value due to its excellent heat insulation and softness--so long as the barbed bristles are removed."

Types of Terebras

Normal Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemy



Terebra means "borer," referring to their drill-like ears.

The Japanese name Lutor is derived from the Latin word "Lotor", meaning "washer".


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