Tersquals (Japanese: ラケンマ, Rakenma) are aquatic quadrupedal reptilian-like creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X.


"These reptiles never stop growing--their final body length can easily reach over a hundred meters, and their lifespan is measured in centuries. As such, a tersqual's appetite is never fully sated. Nutrients are mostly derived from mineral sources, though they may prey on other creatures to aid in growth. Once they have gained sufficient nutrition, tersquals will shed their skin to facilitate even larger sizes. After then eating said shed skin, sometimes they will immediately begin to shed again."

"Superiority is determined by size, which keeps interspecies conflicts to a minimum. As only the large ever succeed in mating, smaller specimens of tersqual are forced to simply continue on with their hopeless feeding cycle."

Types of Tersquals

Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemy


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