"Raoul can't choose a lieutenant. Meet with Minnie who has a lot of experience and Dorothy who has a lot of potential and decide who it should be."
Giver Unique Comments Location Time
Raoul Riki Colony 9 (Military District) 06:00 - 18:00
Prerequisites: Mechonis Core cleared, A Young Captain's Trust or A Young Captain's Revival completed, 4
  1. "Meet with Minnie and see what she is like."
  2. "Meet with Dorothy and see what she is like."
  3. "Return to Raoul."
    • At this point, decide for Raoul who deserves to be promoted. Choose Minnie or Dorothy.

A route:

  • Minnie is chosen.

B route:

  • Dorothy is chosen.

Results (A route): You recommended that Minnie should be lieutenant because of her experience.

Results (B route): You recommended that Dorothy should be lieutenant because of her potential.

The Elite Captain's Anguish is a quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It can be received from Raoul at the entrance to the Military District of Colony 9. If Riki is in the active party, he will comment.


Upon completion of this quest, the Affinity Chart will change:

  • If Minnie is chosen (A route):
MinnieAffinity-bar Affinity bar green Affinity-barDorothy initially Affinity-2-yellow
Minnie Friendly Rivals Dorothy
MinnieAffinity-bar Affinity bar green Affinity-barRaoul
Minnie Trust Raoul

  • If Dorothy is chosen (B route):
DorothyAffinity-bar Affinity bar red Affinity-barMinnie initially Affinity-2-yellow
Dorothy Bad Feeling Minnie
DorothyAffinity-bar Affinity bar blue Affinity-barRaoul
Dorothy Great Potential Raoul

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