The Giants' Key is a quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It can be received from Kacha at the Nopon Merchant Camp in Satorl Marsh. It is the second in a series of three quests involving Kacha and the Exile Fortress. If Dunban is in the active party, he will comment.


  • "Defeat 5 Deluded Ignas on the high plateau of Dark Swamp in Satorl Marsh."
    • Hint: The plateau is on the right side of Dark Swamp. The passage that leads to the plateau is at northwest of Exile Fortress. The Deluded Ignas are level 26.
  • "Dig up the Giants' Key on the plateau above Dark Swamp in Satorl Marsh."
  • "Investigate the altar on the roof of Exile Fortress in Satorl Marsh."
    • Hint: Enter Exile Fortress and investigate the door (Wall of Sin) behind the throne. Use the key to open the secret door, which leads to the top of the fortress.
  • "Return to Kacha."


"You stopped the treasure falling into the hands of the Ignas. Kacha will explain the altar to you."

Unique Comments

Dunban: "Giants... Did they really exist here?"
Kacha: "You saw when you saved Kacha. Ignas took Kacha to huge building."
Dunban: "I agree. A building of such size could only have been used by giants."