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"Collect the Giants' treasures scattered around the world. You don't know where they are or who has them, but researchers may be a good place to start..."
Giver Unique Comments Location Time
Zain None Valak Mountain (Harict Chapel) Anytime
Prerequisites: Mechonis Core cleared, The Final Giants' Ruins accepted
  1. "Collect the Truth of the Giants."
  2. "Collect the Daring of the Giants."
  3. "Collect the Heart of the Giants."
Rewards: None
Results: "You have collected the three treasures of the Giants. You should be able to open the door now."

The Giants' Treasures is a quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is co-triggered with The Final Giants' Ruins which can be received from Zain in Harict Chapel on Valak Mountain.


ZainAffinity-bar Affinity bar blue Affinity-barKurraith initially Affinity-0-red
Zain Best Partner Kurralth
EliorAffinity-bar Affinity bar green Affinity-barZain initially Affinity-2-yellow
Elior Small Partner Zain

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