Timedquest This quest will expire after the decision to move to Colony 6.

The Greedy Monster is a Timed Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It can be received from Satata near the pond outside the Refugee Camp on Bionis' Leg. As with all the quests in the Refugee Camp, it will expire after the residents migrate to Colony 6. If Sharla is in the active party, she will comment.


  • "Defeat the LV16 Abnormal Brog near Raguel Lake on the Bionis' Leg."
    • Hint: The central island on Raguel Lake.
  • "Return to Satata."


"The fish-eating monster that settled by Raguel Lake is gone and a food crisis has been averted."

Unique Comments

Sharla: "That's not good... I turn my back for one minute and this is what happens! I'm really sorry, Satata."
Satata: "It not your fault, Sharla. No one blames you for not here. You had your reasons and don't let anyone tell you different!"
Sharla: "It makes me happy to hear that. Right, we really do need to do something about that monster!"