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The King of Fear is an Affinity Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be accepted near the Cathedral in the Residential District and the primary destination is Noctilum.


  1. "Find the Nopon at Ishmael Hills in the residential district."
  2. "Talk to the Nopon at Noctilum's Lotus Keep Building Site."
  3. "Head to the Blood-king's camp at Noctilum's Sapphire Table."
  4. Achieve all objectives
  5. "Report to Pulala in the residential district."


"You defeated the blood-king and saved the Tree Clan and Nopon, but H.B. has some concerns about BLADE. Go to BLADE Tower for the next affinity mission."


  • In the Japanese release of the game, this mission is part of a DLC pack and will not be available if the DLC pack is not installed.