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Staccata affinity
Acquire the miracle water and expose Fraisie's plot.
Type Client Client's Location Time
Normal Mission Staccata Residential District (Cathedral) Anytime
Prerequisites: Chapter 6 and Water Woes completed
  1. "Gather two assassin springtails in Primordia."
  2. "Talk to Staccata at the residential district cathedral."
  3. "Head to Primordia's Biano water-purification plant."
  4. "Corner Malyteth in Primordia's Biahno water-purification plant."
  5. "Take Malyteth's bottle from Primordia's Biahno water-purification plant."
  6. "Head to the residential district cathedral."
Results: "You exposed Fraisie's lie in front of her flock. The cultists should come to their senses now."

The Miracle Maker is a Normal Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be received from Staccata at the Cathedral in the Residential District of New Los Angeles.

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