The Repair Job is an Affinity Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be received from the BLADE Barracks in New Los Angeles.


  1. "Talk to Bart at NLA's west gate."
  2. "Gather three L-002 power cables in Primordia's Starfall Basin." (3)
  3. "Talk to Bart at NLA's west gate."
    • At this point, Cross must choose whether to sympathize with Tatsu or Lin. Sympathizing with Tatsu will finish the mission immediately.

B route, if Lin is chosen:

  1. Achieve all objectives.
  2. "Talk to Bart at to Bart at NLA's west gate."


A route: "The electrical fault was repaired. It's a patch job, but it should hold for a little while."
B route: "You fixed the electrical fault and replaced all the parts, leaving it better than you found it. Lin seems pleased."


  • After completing the third objective, sympathizing with Tatsu (A route) will result in an increase in affinity between Cross and Elma, Lin, Gwin, and Irina, provided that they are in the party. Sympathizing with Lin (B route) increases the affinity between Cross and Elma and Irina.