The Trading Floor is a Normal Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be received from Mumun, who can be found in the Dorian Caravan, in the middle of Oblivia's Lake Basel.


  1. "Head to the entrance of Oblivia's Sea Whisper Valley."
  2. "Head into Oblivia's Sea Whisper Valley."

A route: Compromise

  1. "Gather 14 Kiweggs in Oblivia."
  2. "Talk to a Prone Keeper in Oblivia's Sea Whisper Valley."

B route: Fight

  1. Achieve all objectives.
    • "Defeat the Prone Keeper in Oblivia's Sea Whisper Valley."
    • "Defeat the Prone Fighters in Oblivia's Sea Whisper Valley." (2)


A route: "You collected the Kiweggs requested by the Prone, but received no payment for your services."
B route: "The Prone demands were resolved by the sword. You didn't earn much for your trouble."

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