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Tirkins (Japanese: ターキン, Tākin, alternate plural form Tirkin) are an enemy family in Xenoblade Chronicles, and a race and an enemy family in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Xenoblade Chronicles

They are only found on the Bionis' Leg. They have the appearance of birds quite similar to parrots; however, they wear armour and carry weapons about with them. Many of them are sight monsters. Tirkins are similar in appearance, and may be related to, Chilkins. There are many classes of Tirkins. A group of kindred Tirkins can use Chain Attacks.

The behaviour, adornments and social structure of Tirkins strongly suggest they are an intelligent race, but they can still be harmed by the Monado unlike the Homs, Nopon and High Entia peoples of Bionis.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The Tirkin are found primarily in Gormott Province, they are quite similar to the Tirkin from Xenoblade Chronicles. Tirkin are shown to be an intelligent humanoid and bird-like race, even being able to communicate with other races of Alrest. However the majority of them appear to make their home in smaller settlements rather than living in villages or cities and also appear to be much more primitive compared to the other races of Alrest. Despite this some Tirkin such as the Fire Dragons are shown to have integrated with the rest of Alrest society in positions such as chefs or guards.


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