The Titans of the world of Alrest

Titans (Japanese: アルス、巨神獣, Arusu, kyoshin-jū, lit. Alres, the Gigantic Divine Beasts) are creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They greatly vary in size. Enormous ones such as Mor Ardain, Uraya and Gormott, serve as the landmasses that make up the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The civilizations dwell on their back and some Nations have been constituted. Each of them is home to different cultures, ecosystems and diverse regions. The huge Titans are similar to Bionis and Mechonis in Xenoblade Chronicles. These giant beasts march toward death in the world of Alrest overrun by a sea of clouds. Small Titans like Azurda are rather used for transportation.

List of notable Titans

XC2-Argentum-artwork XC2-Genbu-artwork XC2-Gormott-artwork XC2-Indol-artwork XC2-leftherian-artwork XC2-MorArdain-artwork XC2-temperantia-artwork XC2-Uraya-artwork XC2-Azurda
Argentum Genbu Gormott Indol Leftherian Titans Mor Ardain Temperantia Uraya Azurda


  • Many of the Titans' names are allusions to the seven deadly sins. There is no Titan whose name alludes to the deadly sin of wrath, which is used for Torna, from Dutch "toorn".
  • Two Titan's names are allusions to the seven heavenly virtues, Leftherian Titans and Temperantia names refer to freedom/liberty and temperance/asceticism.
  • The two Titans Azurda and Genbu have name coming from two of the four Dragon Gods and two of the four symbols of the Chinese constellations like for the Blades Dromarch and Roc.

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