Toppler is a Soul Voice in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is triggered when a character topples an enemy by using a Battle Art such as Assault Hammer.



Dialogue Option Art Requested Effects upon successful completion
"I knocked them down! Let's put the boot in!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +200% Damage (from behind: +400%)
"" XCX-Soul-Voice-Shooting-Icon +200% Damage (from behind: +300%)
"" XCX-Soul-Voice-Weakness-Icon Debuff tier +2; Ignore debuff resistance

Other characters

Character Dialogue Art Requested Effects upon successful completion
Lin "I toppled 'em. Close in!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +200% Damage (from behind: +400%)
Bozé "I toppled them. Finish 'em with gunfire!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Shooting-Icon +200% Damage (from behind: +300%)
L "They fell for it! Get it? Now weaken them!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Weakness-Icon Debuff tier +2; Ignore Debuff resistance
H.B. "Yes! Now eat lead and stay down!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Shooting-Icon +200% Damage (from behind: +300%)

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