For the NPC in Xenoblade Chronicles X, see Tora (XCX).

"Destiny calling for Tora. Rude not to say "hello" back."
— Tora

Tora (Japanese: トラ) is a main playable character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is a Nopon who comes with a designated robotic companion called Poppi α. Poppi α calls him "Masterpon". As shown by his outfit, Tora is a boy who loves mechanics. He aspired to be a Driver, but his attempt at resonating with a Core Crystal was unsuccessful. Nevertheless, he secretly holds several trumps, like Poppi α who works as his artificial Blade, in order to fulfill his goal of becoming a Driver. He tends to call Rex "Rex-Rex" (Japanese: アニキ, Aniki, "Big Brother"). In battle, Tora can fight using the "Poppi α shield" with drills, as well as the "Poppi QT Mech Arms". He can attract enemies and direct their attacks on him while protecting his allies offering them offensive opportunities.


His name (katakana トラ, hiragana とら, kanji ) means tiger.



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