Treasure Sensors are armor Augments in Xenoblade Chronicles X which increase the rate at which enemies drop treasure.


Treasure Sensors can be created at the AM Terminal in the Administrative District.

Rank Rarity Effect
Sell Price Required components
I Common Boosts item drop rate by 1% 100 300 Credits 1 Demonic Jewel, 1 Sky Jewel, 1 Dull Stone, 1 White Cometite
V Common Boosts item drop rate by 5% 100 540 Credits 2 Demonic Jewels, 2 Sky Jewels, 2 Dull Stones, 1 Dawnstone
X Rare Boosts item drop rate by 10% 100 840 Credits 8 Demonic Jewels, 8 Shrad Eyes, 8 Decrepit Wings, 2 Everfreeze Ores
XV Unique Boosts item drop rate by 15% 1,500 1,140 Credits 16 Demonic Jewels, 16 Shrad Eyes, 16 Decrepit Wings, 4 Foucaultiums
XX Intergalactic Boosts item drop rate by 20% 2,000 1,500 Credits 32 Demonic Jewels, 32 Shrad Eyes, 32 Decrepit Wings, 8 Bonjeliums

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