A Treasure Trove

Treasure Troves are objects in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They are stationary treasure chests, barrels, boxes, etc. that sit in a set location and are dotted all around Alrest. They can also be obtained from Salvage Points, upon a successful salvaging of items sunk beneath the Cloud Sea. Treasure Troves can contain Gold, Accessories, Pouch Items, rare materials, etc. Some require Field Skills to be opened or revealed, usually "Lockpicking", "Fortitude", or "Earth Mastery".

Treasure Troves come in five forms: small brown chests, small red chests, small red barrels, small silver chests, and large white chests. While there is no mathematical correlation between the chest type and the rewards inside, the small brown chests often have very little in them, and each level up often contains better rewards than the last, with the large white chests often containing the most valuable items and largest sums of Gold. Unlike other types of Treasure Troves, the small red barrels sometimes reward the player with Boosters. As well, the small red barrels disappear upon being opened, rather than leaving an opened chest.

Treasure troves obtained from Salvaging have a wet, weathered appearance, and the small silver chest has a completely different design. They tend to contain Mechanical Collectibles and Treasure. All Treasure Trove types can be obtained through salvaging except for small red barrels and large white chests. The rewards given by these Treasure Troves vary between each Titan that they can be salvaged on.