"Handling a man's turtle!"
— Zeke

Turters is a supporting character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is the beloved pet and mascot of Zeke and Pandoria. Along with a light green tail, he sports an emerald colored shell with dark green spots on his back, and has short, stubby legs.


  • Zeke carries Turters to remind him of his home Titan.
  • Zeke and Pandoria comment with Nia on a Heart-to-Heart that they are unsure if he will grow to massive proportions or not, implying they may not know his species growth.
  • Turters appears to be carried by Zeke at all times, but since they joined Rex's group, he started sneaking into Nia's bed when at an inn. This is implied to be a consequence of Pandoria's negligence in remembering to feed Turters.