Unafulges (Japanese: プルモー, Purumō) are floating polyp-like Piscinoid enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Their bodies are somewhat box-shaped with curved, spiked tendrils protruding from the corners, a gel cap on top, and a short stem-like structure below. They can be found in Primordia, Noctilum, and Sylvalum.


"Unafulges live in harmony with primitive bioluminescent symbionts. This relationship provides them with the ability to flash light, which they use to communicate with others of their kind."

"They feed off of photosynthetic energy, which eliminates the need to hunt. As such, unafulges rarely attack other creatures, and have evolved a fairly meager set of fighting abilities. Their only defense is a bright strobe effect that can dull—or sometimes increase—a target's brain activity. Cornered unafulges have even been known to self-destruct."

"Mating occurs in the late summer in a few select locations. When they assemble by the thousands under a full moon, it creates a visual symphony of pulsing lights."

Color Variants

Unafulges fall into two color variants:

  • Purple unafulges are lavender with yellow details and light cap. They can drop Unafulge Numbing Toxin.
  • Lava unafulges are dark purple with red details and dark cap. They can drop Unafulge Death Toxin. They can be found in areas with magma.

Types of Unafulges

Normal Minor Enemies


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