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For those who have not completed Xenoblade Chronicles, this page or section may contain spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Cellar bugworm

The Cellar Bugworm, a Unique Monster

Unique Monsters are enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles that have higher stats and potentially unique skills — similar to minibosses or superbosses in other games. Unique Monsters have unique names and there is only one of each of these monsters in the world.

There are 157 Unique Monsters, the only ones giving Affinity Coins when defeated. Five of them are superbosses, and eight of them are quest exclusive. When a Unique Monster is slain for the first time in a given playthrough, each character of the entire party will earn an Affinity Coin. Slaying the same monster again will not give additional Affinity Coins. However, in New Game +, the Affinity Coin is carried over, and one can slay the same Unique Monster in the New Game + playthrough for an additional Coin. The team can then earn a total of 157 Affinity Coins per playthrough by defeating every Unique Monster.

Target window B

The special target window frame of a Unique Monster

All Unique Monsters have a special frame when looking at them. Story event bosses will also have their own special frame, but are not considered Unique Monsters since they do not drop Affinity Coins.

All Unique Monsters drop a gold Treasure Chest when slain, with the exception of the quest-exclusive Conflagrant Raxeal, which drops a silver chest.

If the party slays a Unique Monster that is not quest-exclusive, there is a chance for it to respawn upon revisiting the area. All normal enemies can be summoned on demand by saving the game in their vicinity and then reloading the game, or by skip traveling to any landmark (even if the party is already standing at a landmark and skip travels to that same one), but for Unique Monsters, it is not guaranteed that they will respawn every time. However, the actions of save+reload or skip travel can still cause a Unique Monster to respawn alongside all the others in the area when the party comes back, so persistence is key.

Unlike other quest objectives in the game, such as those that require items that spawn in Red Item Orbs, where you can complete the task first and then accept the quest afterwards (most commonly with the Search Quests), if the party defeats a Unique Monster before accepting a quest, that quest objective will not be considered complete and, as such, the party will have to search for the Unique Monster and defeat it again, likely using the actions noted above until it respawns.

Unique Monsters are usually sight enemies, although there are exceptions, particularly when the Unique Monster belongs to a sound-based species, such Vangs and Arachnos. Some only appear at certain times or during certain weather. For example, the Armoured Rockwell appears only in rain. Some Unique Monsters spawn only after accepting a certain quest (quest-exclusive Unique Monsters), and some Unique Monsters will only spawn after progressing to a certain point in the plot such as the superbosses. A few Unique Monsters, such as Indomitable Daulton and Veteran Yozel in Satorl Marsh, will spawn alongside other members of their species and appear to lead them in a group. These partner monsters will generally always be of the Kindred Enemy type, and will defend the Unique Monster in battle, even if one attempts to lure them away.

A specific track, "You Will Know Our Names" (also known as "Those Who Bear Their Names"), is associated with battles against a Unique Monster (except against Frenzied Bana), a track which references the Unique Monsters' tendency to literally 'bear their names' in their tag.

Some Unique Monsters are missable, particularly the eight quest exclusive ones. If an area becomes inaccessible at any point in the game, so too do all of the monsters that were there. Defeating a Unique monster gives more Experience Points and Art Points than minor enemies at the same level.

List of Unique Monsters Edit

Name Level Area Location Spawntime
Abnormal Clone Barg 77 Prison Island First Sanctum Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Active Impulso 72 Bionis' Interior Middle part of the Second Lung Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Affluent Beleth 57 Fallen Arm Bottom water area of 5th Pulse Zone Any
Aged Leraje 56 Fallen Arm Radiocarpea Coast Nighttime
Aggressive Cornelius 28 Satorl Marsh S parts of Igna Territory Any
Ageless Moabit 75 Prison Island Damaged Transporter Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Agile Albatro 33 Makna Forest Beach below Bridge Three Clear weather or heatwave
Agile Barbatos 47 Valak Mountain NE of Ignia Hill Nighttime
Amber Fischer 27 Satorl Marsh Near the Altar of Fate Any
Amorous Arca 57 Mechonis Field Near the 3rd floor Bulkhead Controls Any
Ancient Daedala 105 Fallen Arm Near Wreckage Beach Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Armoured Rockwell 82 Bionis' Leg Under Viliera Hill Rain or thunderstorm
Avalanche Abaasy 120 Valak Mountain Three Sage Summit Nighttime and blizzard, after completing Mechonis Core
Balanced Palamedes 62 Central Factory N of the Central Tower Roof (third floor) Any
Banquet Vassago 48 Valak Mountain Antol Den The Balance of Power QE
Barbaric Sitri 47 Valak Mountain Antol Den Any
Beautiful Vagul 60 Central Factory Storage Depot Any
Benevolent Aim 51 Sword Valley Monado Wound Any, before reaching the end of Mechonis Field
Bizarre Ragoel 88 Eryth Sea Anu Shore (top of the lower cape) Any
Blizzard Belgazas 114 Valak Mountain Near the Great Glacier Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Breezy Zolos 37 Makna Forest N of the Windmill Pavilion Any
Brutal Gravar 46 Makna Forest King Agni's Tomb Any, during and after Mystery of Makna Ruins 2
Calm Anzabi 38 High Entia Tomb Second Treasury Any
Canyon Valencia 78 Bionis' Leg Observation Platform Clear weather
Cautious Balteid 26 Satorl Marsh S of the Poison Swamp Any
Cellar Bugworm 10 Tephra Cave Caterpile Nest Any
Clamorous Dablon 92 Eryth Sea NW coast of Sleeping Dragon Isle Thunderstorm
Clandestine Apety 74 Bionis' Interior Second Lung Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Clifftop Bayern 32 Bionis' Leg Summit of Daksha Shrine Any
Cold Ageshu 77 Prison Island S side of the Kitchen Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Commander Oracion 61 Mechonis Field Spent Fuel Tank Any
Conflagrant Raxeal 45 Valak Mountain Lava Cave The Magma Rock QE
Cumulus Danaemos 41 Eryth Sea Khatorl Seal Island Any
Dark King Barbarus 77 Bionis' Interior E of the Second Lung (on the platform) Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Dark Kisling 20 Ether Mine E of the Central Terminal (fire crystal deposit) Any
Dark Murakmor 18 Colony 9 On the slope of the Anti-Air Battery 3 Nighttime
Dazzling Tolosnia 97 Tephra Cave SW of Heavenly Window The Blood of Bafalgar QE, after completing Mechonis Core
Deadly Medorlo 93 Eryth Sea Middle of Central Seal Island Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Defective Ipos 50 Sword Valley W side of the Ether Storage Area Any, before reaching the end of Mechonis Field
Despotic Arsene 108 Satorl Marsh North of the Glowing Obelisk Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Destroyer Salvacion 59 Mechonis Field 2F Observation Post Any
Destructive Bors 64 Agniratha Near the Telethia Bridge Any
Drifter Jutard 25 Colony 6 Pod Depot Any
Elder Gragus 34 Makna Forest E of the Nopon Arch (on high ground) Clear weather or heatwave
Elegant Marin 29 Ether Mine Near Glowmoss Lake Any
Enchanting Grune 13 Colony 9 E and below Tephra Cave Entrance (lands on beach) Dawn at 5:00
Erratic Goliante 97 Tephra Cave Entrance of the Trader's Stopover Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Eternal Palsadia 91 Satorl Marsh Top of the Exile Fortress Any, after completing The Giants' Treasure
Evil Bathin 54 Fallen Arm Inner area of the Ether Exhaust System Any
Evil Rhangrot 6 Colony 9 Tephra Hill Any
Experienced Tristan 65 Agniratha SW of the 1st Control Platform Any
Exposure Wolfol 97 Valak Mountain Lava Cave Any, after retrieving the Magma Rock
Faithful Lancelot 59 Central Factory Control Tower Any
Fate Labolas 51 Sword Valley Port Maintenance Bay Any, before reaching the end of Mechonis Field
Field Altrich 76 Bionis' Leg NW of Crevasse Waterfall Any
Fiendish Auburn 78 Prison Island Gravina Bridge Any, after completing Mechonis Core, after killing the 3 Babel Deinos and 3 Babeli Bargs
Final Marcus 100 Valak Mountain Three Sage Summit Night and clear or snowy weather
Firework Geldesia 98 Tephra Cave Arachno Queen's Nest Battling Brutes QE, after completing Mechonis Core
Flabbergasted Jerome 38 Eryth Sea Island below Hovering Reef 5 Clear weather or shooting stars
Flailing Bracken 73 Colony 9 Shore NW of Anti-Air Battery 2 Any
Frenzied Bana 78 Frontier Village Apex Lake Bana the Betrayer QE
Funeral Gozra 42 Eryth Sea Hode Refuge Any
Furious Jozan 96 High Entia Tomb Telethia Laboratory Any, once the High Entia Emblem is acquired, after completing Mechonis Core
Gentle Mother Armu 37 Colony 9 Near Agora Shore Any
Gentle Rodriguez 40 Colony 9 Far N end of Agora Shore Any
Ghostly Mahatos 76 Bionis' Interior W of the Terminal Nerve Tower Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Glacier Acon 52 Galahad Fortress 1st Turbine Room, then Main Control Room Any, before reaching the end of Mechonis Field
Glorious Buer 45 Valak Mountain S of Sealed Tower Any
Glorious Jurom 55 Galahad Fortress Ether Blast Furnace Any, before reaching the end of Mechonis Field
Gluttonous Eugen 11 Tephra Cave Vilia Lake Any
Graceful Holand 19 Colony 6 Splintered Path Rain or thunderstorm
Hidden Gamigin 49 Valak Mountain SE of Ignia Hill (on the natural bridge) Nighttime
Illustrious Golteus 98 Makna Forest Precipice Bridge Clear weather or heatwave, after completing Mechonis Core
Immovable Gonzalez 90 Bionis' Leg Spiral Valley Any, after the battle against Xord
Impenetrable Redrob 38 Colony 9 S side of Hazzai Cape Nighttime
Indomitable Daulton 85 Satorl Marsh Soter Ruins Any
Infernal Crocell 58 Mechonis Field E of the 4F Main Power Switch (S side of the platform) Any
Inferno Heinrich 76 Prison Island Back of the Kitchen Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Itinerant Dorothea 6 Colony 9 Cliff Lake Daytime
Judicious Bunnitzol 94 Tephra Cave Forgotten Cave Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Kamikaze Bune 53 Sword Valley N of the Control Tower Any, before reaching the end of Mechonis Field
Lake Magdalena 6 Colony 9 Small inlet under Outlook Park Nighttime
Lakebed Orthlus 40 Colony 9 Beach of Agora Shore Preparing for Adventure 3 QE
Lazy Bluco 34 Makna Forest Yellow Flower Grove Nighttime
Lightning Ronove 55 Sword Valley Near the Radio Tower Any, before reaching the end of Mechonis Field
Lightspeed Sonid 44 Eryth Sea Anu Shore Any
Magnificent Digalus 99 Makna Forest Near the Decayed Forest Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Majestic Clone Barg 77 Prison Island Second Sanctum Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Magestic Mordred 70 Central Factory NE of the Face Maintenance Bay Any
Masterful Gigapur 77 Prison Island Travalga Bridge Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Meditative Varla 65 Agniratha Near the Telethia Bridge Any
Mild Florence 58 Central Factory Up a ramp near Landing Strip 2 Any
Mining Patrichev 8 Tephra Cave NE of Caterpile Nest Any
Mischievous Naberius 57 Sword Valley Behind 3rd Gate Any, after completing 3rd Gate Front Line, before reaching the end of Mechonis Field
Moonlight Paimon 46 Valak Mountain Lava Cave Any
Musical Vanflare 93 Tephra Cave Near Bone Corridor Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Mysterious Barnaby 75 Bionis' Leg Windy Cave Any
Mystical Klesida 72 Bionis' Interior Third Lung Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Napping Volfen 17 Bionis' Leg E part of Gaur Plain Rain or thunderstorm
Night Cardamon 18 Bionis' Leg Near Kasharpa Falls Nighttime and clear weather
North Star Gusion 50 Valak Mountain W edge of the Url Crevasse Nighttime and snowy weather or blizzard
Obsessive Galgaron 35 Makna Forest Hode Lair Any
Officer Robusto 75 Bionis' Interior Near the platform beneath Venous Plexus Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Peeling Kircheis 38 Eryth Sea Middle of Hovering Reef 7 Any
Plump Sprahda 92 Tephra Cave SW of the Bafalgar Tomb Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Powerful Eligos 80 Fallen Arm S part of the Digit 1 Any
Precious Retrato 53 Galahad Fortress 3rd Fuel Supply Room Any, before reaching the end of Mechonis Field
Proper Bandaz 39 Eryth Sea Secluded Island Nighttime with shooting stars
Prosperous Zepar 56 Fallen Arm Jifum Beach Evening, at 18:00
Protective Torquidon 96 Tephra Cave Heavenly Window Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Prudent Purson 49 Sword Valley Dolgan Outpost Any, before reaching the end of Mechonis Field
Reckless Galdon 95 Tephra Cave Hidden Warehouse Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Reckless Godwin 31 Satorl Marsh Exile Fortress Any
Reckless Zanden 98 Tephra Cave Arachno Queen's Nest Battling Brutes QE, after completing Mechonis Core
Revolutionary Bifrons 60 Mechonis Field NE of 4F Main Power Switch Any
Roguish Frengel 39 Colony 9 Cave NW of Cliff Lake Any
Sacred Zagamei 89 Eryth Sea Lower region of Hovering Reef 9 Any
Shadeless Matrix 44 Colony 9 Tunnel NW of Cliff Lake Nighttime
Sentimental Flamral 66 Agniratha Judicial District Any
Serene Imlaly 76 Prison Island Banquet Hall Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Shimmering Forte 33 Makna Forest E of Eks Watering Hole Heatwave
Sinful Lamorak 63 Central Factory Room SW of Tower Boarding Gate Any
Sniper Paramecia 15 Bionis' Leg SW part of Gaur Plain, S of Jabos Rock Rest Area Any
Solid Konev 10 Tephra Cave S side of Spring of Grief Nighttime
Soothed Aglovale 65 Agniratha Near the Legislative District Any
Speedy Ramshyde 10 Colony 9 Cliff Lake Any
Splendid Botis 58 Fallen Arm Digit 5 Beach Any
Stormy Belagon 87 Eryth Sea Kromar Coast Any
Stormy Widardun 25 Satorl Marsh Ridge west of Zaldania Waterfall Daytime
Subterranean Zomar 40 Eryth Sea Soltnar Seal Island Any
Sunlight Schvaik 30 Satorl Marsh Barren Moor Daytime
Swift Zektol 28 Satorl Marsh E of Igna Territory Daytime
Synchronised Gaheris 61 Central Factory E of Central Tower Lift (between the stacks of containers) Any
Tempestuous Edegia 39 Eryth Sea Hovering Reef 10 Nighttime
Temporal Gawain 65 Central Factory Inside the Control Tower Any
Territorial Rotbart 81 Bionis' Leg E part of Gaur Plain, E of Jabos Rock Rest Area Any
Trainer Harmelon 15 Bionis' Leg High hill E of Zax Guidepost Any
Tranquil Morax 50 Sword Valley Inside the Enalda Control Base Any, before reaching the end of Mechonis Field
Tumultuous Felix 27 Satorl Marsh Cliff SE of Silent Obelisk Any
Turbulent Belmo 36 Eryth Sea Hovering Reef 1 Clear weather or shooting stars
Unreliable Rezno 96 Makna Forest Middle island of the Great Makna Falls Final Challenge of the Sage QE, day, not heatwave, after completing Mechonis Core
Vagabond Allocer 63 Agniratha N of the Helas Pillar Any
Vagrant Alfead 16 Bionis' Leg Tirkin Headquarters Any
Vague Barbas 46 Valak Mountain Near the Nagul Waterfall, SW of Bafalgar Pedestal Any
Verdant Bluchal 5 Colony 9 Beach S of Anti-Air Battery 1, N of the Main Entrance. Any
Venerable Focalor 64 Central Factory N of Helas Pillar Any
Vengeful Daulton 22 Ether Mine E of Test Pit 4 Any
Veteran Yozel 83 Satorl Marsh NE of the Silent Obelisk Nighttime and fog
Victorious Gross 73 Bionis' Interior Pars Sympathica Tower Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Violent Andante 16 Bionis' Leg Either N or S of Viliera Hill Any
Vivid Anstan 75 Bionis' Interior Near the middle of Third Lung Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Wallslide Gwynry 9 Tephra Cave Dead-end E of Escape Pod Bay in Mag Mell Ruins Any
Wandering Amon 98 Valak Mountain Bionis' Right Elbow (near the crystal deposit) Nighttime
White Eduardo 17 Bionis' Leg Island in the middle of Raguel Lake Thunderstorm
Wicked Sallos 95 Fallen Arm Distant Fingertip Clear weather
Wise Gremory 68 Agniratha Near the Meyneth Statue Any
Wrathful Orobas 67 Agniratha Near the Dios Pillar Any

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Advanced Books can be dropped by Unique Monsters with level 45 and more, except the 11 Unique Monsters in Sword Valley and Galahad Fortress as well as the 3 quest-exclusive enemies Conflagrant Raxael, Unreliable Rezno and Brutal Gravar.

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