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Unreliable Rezno Wiki-wordmark
Area(s) Makna Forest (Great Makna Falls)  
Type Lexos Level(s) 96  
Respawn No Movement Type Air  
Detection Type Sight Kindred No  
View Angle 120° View Distance 26 M  
EXP 100,885 AP 1,125  
Spawn Time Day, not Heatwave, Final Challenge of the Sage  

The Unreliable Rezno (Japanese: 連星のレゾーナ, Rensei no Rezōna) is a quest exclusive Unique Monster in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is a member of the Lexos family, and can be found at the middle island of the Great Makna Falls during the day only (6 a.m. to 5 p.m.). after the quest Final Challenge of the Sage is accepted. It will only spawn if there is not a heatwave, which is signified by a shimmering distortion on the screen. It can drop the Ocean Elixir of Life needed for Replica Monado 2 and Colony 6 Reconstruction.


HP Strength Ether Agility Double Attack Rate Critical Hit Rate Physical Defence % Ether Defence % Defence Direction
504,300 1,885 1,370 126 0 % 0 % 0 % 0 % N/A


Art Attribute Multiplier Hits Range Effect Knockback Blowdown/Daze
Gala Crush VIITalent (Physical)2.0 – 2.251Single--No/Yes
VortexPhysical1.3 – 1.52Frontal Arc---
Aqua WaveEther1.05 – 1.253Frontal LineChill--


Break × Lock-On Physical Defence ▼ Agility ▼
Topple × Bind Ether Defence ▼ Aura Seal
Daze Paralysis Attack Power ▼ Arts Seal
Sleep Slow Ether Power ▼ Death ×

△ = 70% resistance
▲ = 100% resistance unless certain conditions are met
◇ = 70% resistance, but no resistance during chain attack
◆ = 100% resistance, but no resistance during chain attack
○ = no resistance
× = immune



Wood Silver Gold
0% 0% 100%


Materials Ocean Elixir of Life 73%
Natura Glyph 27%


Rare Lexos Crystal (V) Initial Tension V / Spike Defence V 23.1%
Initial Tension V / Topple Plus V 23.1%
Weapons Forma Spear 2 slots 7.9%
War Blades 3 slots 5.8%
Hero Biter 2 slots 5.3%
Devil Cannon 3 slots 4.1%
Armours Hierax Top 1 slot 10.5%
Rex Helm 0 slots 7.8%
Rafaga Armour 0 slots 7%
Z Power Frame 1 slot 5.5%


Weapons Meteor Staff 2 slots 18.4%
Eternity Knives 2 slots 2.8%
Vangarre Driver 2 slots 2.3%
Satellite Shot 2 slots 1.5%
Unique Weapons High Entia Soul 18.4%
Hrunting 2.8%
Verdigris 2.3%
Murakmor 1.5%
Unique Armours Agni Plate 14.9%
Charge Gear 14.2%
Lord Leggings 12.5%
Agrius Helm 8.4%



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