Valak Mountain Research is a quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It can be received from a Nopon Researcher at the Nopon Camp on Valak Mountain. If Reyn is in the active party, he will comment.


  • "Take in the scenery from Befalgar Pedestal on Valak Mountain."
  • "Take in the scenery from Kana Peak on Valak Mountain."
  • "Return to the researcher."


"You visited two peaks on Valak Mountain to help the research."


  • Upon returning to the Nopon Researcher after going to the two areas (step 3 of the objective), the Nopon Researcher asks which of the two had the best view, saying it is important for their next study. Then two choices will be prompt to be answered. There is no difference in the rewards for completing the quest depending on which option is chosen.

Unique Comments

Reyn: "I can imagine being so small would make it difficult. Even so, you seem to be doing all right in this freezing cold place."
Nopon Researcher: "Nopon no really feel cold. We so fluffy and warm... Sorry. Where were we?"