This page is a list of all the Unique Monsters in Valak Mountain.

Name Level Location Spawntime
Agile Barbatos 47 Northeast of Ignia Hill Night
Avalanche Abaasy 120 Three Sage Summit Night and blizzard, after completing Mechonis Core
Banquet Vassago 48 Antol Den The Balance of Power QE
Barbaric Sitri 47 Antol Den Any
Blizzard Belgazas 114 Great Glacier Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Conflagrant Raxeal 45 Lava Cave The Magma Rock QE
Exposure Wolfol 97 Lava Cave Any, after retrieving the Magma Rock
Final Marcus 100 Three Sage Summit Night and clear or snowy weather
Glorious Buer 45 South of the Sealed Tower Any
Hidden Gamigin 49 Southeast of Ignia Hill Night
Moonlight Paimon 46 Lava Cave Any
North Star Gusion 50 West edge of the Url Crevasse Night and snowy weather or blizzard
Vague Barbas 46 Nagul Waterfall Any
Wandering Amon 98 Bionis' Right Elbow Night