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Vanea in Xenoblade Chronicles
Hair color
Eye color
Voice actor (Japanese)
Yuki Kaida
Voice actor (English)
Harriet Carmichael


The future doesn't belong to you!

For those who have not completed the game, this page may contain spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Vanea (English dub: /vəˈneɪə/) is Egil's sister and the daughter of the Machina chief, Miqol. She does not like what Egil is doing and has asked many times for him to stop killing life on Bionis. She tells her brother that she only wants a world where everyone lives in peace, including him. All attempts have failed, however. She is also the person who implanted Meyneth into Fiora's body.

First Meeting Edit

The party learns of Vanea while talking to Miqol, urging them to find her before delving deeper into the Mechonis.

They meet her near the end of the Mechonis Field, after fighting Green Face. She adresses Fiora as Meyneth, and explains that she is the reason that Meyneth inhabits Fiora's body and explains a bit about Egil's backstory. Vanea also explains that to make a Face Mechon, a Hom's spinal cord and metabolic organs have to be mechanized. She requests to continue to accompany the group, to try to talk with her brother one last time. The party accepts, and she joins them as a guest for their entire stay on Mechonis.

Battle on Agniratha and Mechonis Core Edit

After the party reaches the Meyneth Shrine, Vanea tries to reason with her brother, to no avail. He sees her staying with the group as betraying him.

Later, she is present at the final battle in the Mechonis Core. She is witness to the defeat of her brother, the rebirth of Zanza and the reawakening of the Bionis. After Zanza leaves, she rushes to her brother for one final farewell, before they escape on Junks.

Vanea at the Junks Edit

After the Junks arrives at Colony 6, Vanea will stay there as a permanent NPC. Later, she will give quests that allow the party to create the other Machina Monado Replicas. When the materials are collected and given to her, she will create that Monado.

In the ending cutscene, she is seen talking with Dunban, stating that the world they had created was the ultimate wish of Lady Meyneth and Egil.

Gallery Edit

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