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The future doesn't belong to you!

For those who have not completed Xenoblade Chronicles, this page or section may contain spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Vangarre yells at his subordinates
Aliases Square-Tache
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Homs
Hair color Red
Eye color Brown
Voice actor(s) Nobuhiko Kazama
Alec Newman
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles
"You idiots! What the hell are you playing at?!"
— Vangarre

Vangarre (Japanese: ヴァンダムVandamuVan Damme; English dub/ˈvænˌɡɑːr/), nicknamed "Square-Tache" by Reyn, is a Homs in Xenoblade Chronicles. He is the Colonel of Colony 9's Defence Force, and is known for his angry, impatient, and bossy attitude. Many residents believe he trains the Defence Force poorly, frequently assigning nearly impossible tasks to his inexperienced subordinates, as well as administering harsh punishments (including physical abuse) when they fail.

During the Mechon attack on Colony 9, Vangarre is seen issuing the last line of defense in the Military District, most of whom are retreating. Shortly after, Metal Face lands inside the District and confronts him directly. He points a large ether rifle at the Mechon and fires a powerful blast at close range. This attack proves entirely ineffective, however. Vangarre is then assaulted by a Mechon M72 before Metal Face throws a large military vehicle at him, resulting in an explosion. Afterwards, an unnamed Colony 9 soldier confirms that the Colonel survived, and his injuries are being attended to in the District's infirmary.

Much later, he appears during the combined Bionis inhabitants' attack on Sword Valley, fully healed, and commanding a squadron of soldiers from Colony 9. Otharon disagrees with his reckless offensive methods. He almost falls off Sword Valley when Egil forces the Mechonis to awaken, but is rescued by a soldier. He also appears for a final time in the game's epilogue, punishing a soldier who has crashed his Mobile Artillery into a residential building.

It is revealed in the quest The Oath Sword that Vangarre has attempted to convince Fiora to join the Colony 9 Defence Force at least once.


  • There is a gunlance for Reyn named after Vangarre, despite the fact that he wields an ether rifle.
  • During the comedic scene in which Vangarre is introduced, the track "Riki the Legendary Heropon" plays, despite the fact that Riki is not present.
  • Vandham, the commanding officer of BLADE in Xenoblade Chronicles X, shares Vangarre's Japanese name. Both Vangarre and Vandham were in turn based on Vanderkam from Xenosaga, especially their drill sergeant-like personality and a tendency to call their subordinates "slackers." Vanderkam was in turn based on a character of the same name from Xenogears. All these characters' names also begin with "Van-".


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