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Venerable Focalor Wiki-wordmark
Mechon M96 Crisis Unit          
Area(s) Central Factory (Training Ground Roof)  
Type Mechon Level(s) 64  
Respawn Yes Movement Type Ground  
Detection Type Sight Kindred No  
View Angle 120° View Distance 20 M  
EXP 11,626 AP 793  
Spawn Time Any, before reaching the Mechonis Core  

The Venerable Focalor is a Unique Monster in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is a Mechon, and can be found at level 64 on the Training Ground Roof in the Central Factory. It must be defeated to complete the Roof Battle surprise quest. It can drop the Reinforced Thrusters needed for A Weapon Just For Me.


HP Strength Ether Agility Double Attack Rate Critical Hit Rate Physical Defence % Ether Defence % Defence Direction
356500 1720 994 100 0 0 0 0 N/A


Art Attribute Multiplier Hits Range Effect Knockback Blowdown/Daze
Flame ThrowEther1.8 - 2.01Frontal ArcBlaze--
Soaked WallStatus--SelfPhysical Protect--
Hush Chop VTalent (Physical)0.7 - 0.94SingleBleed--


Spike Type Range Damage/Debuff
Topple 10 M 1450 Damage


Break Lock-On Physical Defence ▼ Agility ▼
Topple Bind Ether Defence ▼ Aura Seal
Daze Paralysis Attack Power ▼ Arts Seal
Sleep Slow Ether Power ▼ Death ×

△ = 70% resistance
▲ = 100% resistance unless certain conditions are met
◇ = 70% resistance, but no resistance during chain attack
◆ = 100% resistance, but no resistance during chain attack
○ = no resistance
× = immune



Wood Silver Gold
0% 0% 100%


Materials Reinforced Thruster|Reinforced Thruster 73%
Spathi Glyph|Spathi Glyph 27%


Bright Earth Cylinder (IV) Ether Down IV 21.4%
Bright Wind Cylinder (IV) Topple Resist IV 21.4%
Weapons Machina Sniper II 1 slot 6.4%
Star Knives 1 slot 6.1%
Machina Blade III 1 slot 5.3%
Delay Blades 1 slot 3.6%
Armours Retrieved Leggings 1 slot 11.9%
Taurus Plate 0 slots 9.9%
H Ether Goggles 1 slot 7.9%
M100 Cuisses 0 slots 6%


Weapons Machina Sniper II 2 slots 5.9%
Machina Guarder III 2 slots 5.6%
Machina Blade III 2 slots 4.9%
Machina Staff III 2 slots 3.3%
Unique Weapons Machina Rifle III 5.9%
Machina Driver III 5.6%
Machina Sword III 4.9%
Machina Nibbler III 3.3%
Unique Armours Combatant Boots 39.2%
Lord Leggings 5.9%
Agni Plate 4%
Advanced Art Books Power Effect 5.4%
Aura Bullet 3.6%
Serene Heart 1.9%
Burninate 0.9%

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