Vespers (Japanese: ウスペル, Usuperu) are bat-like creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They come in two color variants, brown and red.


"Vespers are giant, cave-dwelling bats. Dormant by day, these omnivorous creatures rely on echolocation--not sight--to gauge their surroundings and locate prey, which can be defined as anything that fits into their jaws. One should be wary of these teeth, which are covered in noxious microorganisms. And though it shouldn't need be said, vesper meat is generally rancid and unfit for consumption."

"Vespers live in massive colonies that can cover entire cave ceilings. The floors of these domains are plastered in excrement, which acts as the main food source for many small insect species. This odorous dung also serves as a strong repellent against predators."

Types of Vespers

Minor Enemies



All vespers drop the same materials.

Part Item Type Rarity
Body Vesper Fry Material Common
Tail Vesper Hair Clip Material Common
Face Vesper Fang Material Common
Body Black Fog Deposits Material Common
Body Taut Leather Material Common


The name "Vesper" comes from the Latin word "Vespertilio", meaning bat.