Vidian Rescue Mission is a Surprise Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is triggered after five Aora Telethia have been defeated during the Frontier Village quest Restoring the Capital, and after the events at the Mechonis Core. The objectives involve two quests Broken Ether Furnace and Broken Ether Furnace 2 given by Kaleka in Frontier Village, they must be completed first in order to finish this quest.


  • "Find someone who can use the Ether Furnace Controls and ask how to fix them."
  • "Fix the Ether Furnace Controls so that the transporters will work."
  • "Talk to Vidian in Whitewing Palace."
    • It is accessible via the teleporter in the southeast of the Great Hall after fixing the Ether Furnace.


"The transporters are working. You saved the people trapped in the palace."