Vigents (Japanese: ペッカー, Pekkā) are huge rocky ape-like quadrupedal creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are similar to Viragos.


"Young vigent males live in bachelor herds known for their coordinated hunting mastery. Breeding is a privilege belonging exclusively to alpha male leaders, and clashes for this position are extremely common at the start of mating season. A vanquished leader will be ousted from his perch and replaced by the victorious challenger. But should a challenger lose, his claws are shattered, thereby preventing any future attempts at glory. If an established leader boasts exceptional strength, he may not need suffer a challenge for several years."


Vigents' hides resemble rock, and their shoulders have crystal-like projections. Their long, sharp claws can be extended for various attacks.

Some vigents wander around, while others sit and watch the ground. After walking for a while, vigents usually stop, look around, and paw at the ground. When they walk, they make incredibly loud stomping sounds.

Color Variants

Vigents fall into three color variants:

Types of Vigents

Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemy



Vigent is possibly derived from Latin vigeo, roughly meaning vigorous.