Viliera Hill is a location in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is located on the lower level of Bionis' Leg. It is located roughly in the middle of the map, between Raguel Lake and Kamos Guidepost. North of it is the Sky Stage and south is Kisk Cave. It is a hill, but not a normal hill, for the party can walk under it. Therefore, it is similar to an elevated walkway. The walkway splits in two in the middle, and the two parts meet back up on the other side.

Underneath the hill there are some Volff and a couple of Mount Tortas. There are a few Unique Monsters around the area as well, some only around for certain quests (such as the Violent Andante, required for Challenge 1 - Part 1) and there is an Armoured Rockwell that only appears in the rain.