Viragos (Japanese: トルト, Toruto) are huge quadrupedal creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are similar to Vigents, but with more pointed heads and multiple eyes.


Group hunters and social creatures that often live in packs of 10 or more. The larger female physique relegates males to the bottom of the hierarchy, with the strongest female assuming the role of leader. Should she perish, her eldest daughter will then assume command.

In the rare case that no females are available, the largest male virago will step up to the task, undergound a process of sequential hermaphroditism which spans the next few months. At the end of the period, he will emerge as a fully functional female.


Much like vigents, viragos have a quadrupedal ape-like stance and sharp claws that face upward. Their heads have a pointed nose-like projection and a smaller mouth. When their foreheads are destroyed, a shiny gem-like structure is exposed. Their skin has several patches of stratified flesh that resemble muscle fibers. Unlike vigents, their four eyes have distinct pupils and sclera.

Viragos act much like vigents. At least one instance of a territorial standoff can be seen on the Northern Searoad between a pair of virago.

Color Variants

Viragos fall into two color variants:

Types of Viragos

Minor Enemies



A virago refers to an aggressive, domineering, or brave woman.

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