Visigels (Japanese: ナルキー, Narukī) are jellyfish-like Piscinoid enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X.  Four limber, blade-tipped tentacles protrude from their bodies. Visigels can be found in Sylvalum and Cauldros.


"Parasitic organisms with anatomical structures akin to jellyfish, visigels are known for their peculiar process of self-replication. Their spore-like eggs are either rubbed directly onto a host, or else scattered to the winds after the adult self-destructs. Once an egg hatches inside a host, the newborn visigel will slowly devour it from the inside out. After reaching the outside world, it then inflates its balloon-like body and soars away."

"Though parthenogenesis is the visigel's primary mode of reproduction, there are rare cases in which two visigel meet within a host, allowing sexual reproduction to occur. In order to prioritize the survival of their genetically richer offspring, the parents then exit the host's body and perish."

Color Variants

Visigels fall into two color variants:

  • Blue visigels are dark purple with a blue head. They can drop Visigel Waterfall Orbs. They are only found in Sylvalum.
  • Black visigels are black with a pale yellow head. They can drop Visigel Poison Orbs.

Types of Visigels

Normal Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemies