For the boss, see Vita (boss).
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Vita (English dub: /ˈviː.tə/) (Japanese: ウィータ, Wīta) is a subcategory in the Enemy Index in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It consists of Luxaar's Skell and related Satellis machines. They are all Bosses or Mission Exclusive enemies.


"The ultimate Skell, created with technology unknown to both human and Ganglion.

Its body is composed of dark matter, which the craft absorbs from its surroundings. Any surplus dark matter can be transformed into deadly missiles or autonomous support craft capable of aiding the Vita's assaults.

These abilities vary, however, depending on the skill of the pilot. Luxaar, for example, can only use the Vita at 30% capacity. This pales in comparison to the craft's true master, a mysterious figure only known as 'the Great One.'"

List of Vita enemies

Normal Minor Enemies