For the holofigure, see Vivohast (holofigure).

Vivohasts (Japanese: ボルンテ, Borunte) are Insectoid creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They look like big mantises or stick insects. They can be found in Noctilum and Sylvalum. They are counterparts of Thalluses.


"Slender creatures found primarily in environments with high humidity, such as the roof of caves. After attacking themselves to a perch, vivohasts use their wings to disperse a dust of pheromones designed to attract vesper males. Any creatures unlucky enough to fall into this trap are usually dispatched by their scythes and turned into a meal."

"Though winged, vivohasts' mastery of flight is rather limited. They prefer to avoid vulnerable aerial situations, and use their wings only to latch on to a high spot or glide down from one when necessary."

Vivohasts color variation

Vivohasts fall into only one color variation, a lavender coloration.

Types of Vivohast

Minor Enemies