War Blades are weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are twin blades wielded by Fiora.


Quest Reward

Enemy drops

Note: For any enemies listed with a 0% drop rate, the item can only be obtained using Yoink!

Three slots

Enemy Area Rate
Admiral ArachnoBionis' Leg11.3 %
General ArachnoBionis' Leg11.3 %
Mysterious BarnabyBionis' Leg11.3 %
Unreliable Rezno (QE)Makna Forest5.8 %
Dorsiar LizardTephra Cave4.5 %
Hanz PodTephra Cave4.5 %
Dazzling Tolosnia (QE)Tephra Cave4.3 %
Firework Geldesia (QE)Tephra Cave4.3 %
Kyel LexosColony 64.2 %
Envy GogolBionis' Leg3.6 %
Field AltrichBionis' Leg3.6 %
Gluttony GogolBionis' Leg3.6 %
Immovable GonzalezBionis' Leg3.6 %
Territorial RotbartBionis' Leg3.6 %
Femuny WispTephra Cave3 %
Jada ArachnoTephra Cave3 %
Jadals ArachnoTephra Cave3 %
Plump SprahdaTephra Cave3 %
Young BrogTephra Cave3 %
Lahar FlamiiBionis' Leg1 %

Two slots

Enemy Area Rate
Admiral ArachnoBionis' Leg5.7 %
General ArachnoBionis' Leg5.7 %
Mysterious BarnabyBionis' Leg5.7 %
Armoured RockwellBionis' Leg5 %
Radiant Pterix (QE)Satorl Marsh4.8 %
Goldi KromarEryth Sea3.4 %
Zeldi KromarEryth Sea3.4 %
Arel Telethia (Alcamoth)Alcamoth3.2 %
Grove QuadwingSatorl Marsh3.2 %
Primordial Telethia (QE)Alcamoth3.2 %
Satorl RhogulSatorl Marsh3.2 %
Telethia Arielle (QE)Alcamoth3.2 %
Telethia Galdo (QE)Alcamoth3.2 %
Telethia Galvin (QE)Alcamoth3.2 %
Telethia Lecrough (QE)Alcamoth3.2 %
Telethia Lesunia (QE)Alcamoth3.2 %
Bagrus NebulaMakna Forest2.9 %
Dorsiar LizardTephra Cave2.9 %
Reckless GaldonTephra Cave2.9 %
Sol GradyEryth Sea2.4 %
Vilae ArachnoTephra Cave2.1 %
Panasowa ArachnoTephra Cave2.1 %
Throne SardiColony 91.8 %
Sero Telethia (SE)Colony 60 %

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